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Giger believes that the greatest threat to our civilization is overpopulation of the planet. He expressed this belief in his pen and ink artwork entitled "Birthmachine" completed in 1967. In this work, the viewer observes a loaded German semiautomatic pistol split in half to reveal the internal mechanisms of the gun. The pistol appears to be either a Walther PP or PPK. In German PPK stands for Polizeipistole Kriminalmodell (or Police Pistol Detective Model) and was specifically designed to be easily caried by a Police Detective. The model Giger uses in this work could definitely not be PPK/S or the PPK/E model, because the S variant was developed in 1968, one year after "Birth Machine" was complete, and the E variant was not being manufactured prior to 2007. Most likely H.R. Giger used the Walther PPK model, having considered the fact that this model was the most common variant of this pistol.