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Giger's popularity in the United States is accredited in part by working on independent films such as Dune, Alien and Species. Giger's alien creature design for the movie Alien was inspired by his earlier painting "Necronom IV" earned him an Oscar in 1980. The movie Alien (directed by Ridley Scott), while influenced by Giger's previous artwork, initially having nothing to do with extraterrestrial beings, has given Giger more room for creativity than a number of other movies he was interested in contributing to. For example, in 1994, Joel Schumacher, an American film director and producer (The Phantom of the Opera, Batman & Robin) contacted James Cowan to bring in Giger to design a new version of the Batmobile. Giger's Batmobile designs could not be realized due to "time-constraints", however it's believed that in reality Giger refused to compromise his design to Warner Brothers' request.